We currently employ 10 full time patrolmen. We also employ 9 part time patrolmen. All of our patrolmen are duly sworn and state certified through the Board of Minimum Standards and Training required by Mississippi. There are currently one patrol sergeant assigned to this division.




Sgt. Tony Puckett







Full Time Patrol:

Officer William Douglas

Officer Mike Davis

Officer Vance Hamilton

Officer Matt Sullivan

Officer Shane Fewell (DUI Unit)

Officer Dewayne Hawkins, Jr

Officer Matthew Gipson

Officer Jacob Trest

Officer Henry Banks


Part Time Patrol:

Officer Calvert Sims

Officer Dusty Drennan

Officer Chris Tuggle

Officer Chris Jones

Officer Drew Dear

Officer Landon Ates

Officer Dexter Barnett

Officer Joey Shows

Officer Kevin Lawson

Officer Josh Bryant

Officer Richard Harper